Photography Class

Starting at $99.00 for 2 hr. classes

LMS will be offering photography classes for the beginner or intermediate photographer.

BEGINNER CLASS will be perfect for mom or dad or an older teen that is just getting started with their new camera or wants to know a little more about shooting portraits, sports photos or landscape. Everyone can use a little help getting those once in a lifetime shots at a dance recital or a sport's game. The opportunities are endless!

INTERMEDIATE CLASS will focus more on the photographer that knows their camera fairly well but wants to know more about using lighting, composition, posing, etc.....  This class will also use a live model with lots of personal attention from the photo instructor. Weather permitting, we will also work on outdoor photography!

Call us: 502 426-7677 or Email us: for class times!!!



Let our expert give you one on one pointers with your camera and review images you have shot on your own for critique and suggestions.

Starting at $99.00 for 2 hour class

CALL NOW!  502 426-7677 or email:

PHOTO CLASS TESTIMONIAL: "My experience with a beginners photography class at Louisville Model Shots was very excellent and I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to get involved in photography. The studio was great. There was lots of space to practice in and around the property. The instructor John Zehnder was incredible. He spent two and a half hours with my fiance' and I. The personal instruction was crucial to our understanding of some of the basics of manual shooting on our new DSLR. We used a groupon for such a great deal but the worth of a lesson like this is priceless. We will be going back for an intermediate lesson after we master some of these basic skills. Definitely worth your time and money." SIGNED: TYLER